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Belt separator SEPAmatic 1800 manual feeding

SEPAmatic 1800 is the perfect solution, both for manual feed and as a high duty industrial machine.


Oversized, inlet cross sections can be easily filled with products which have not been precut, this enables fast working. Simultaneously, the basic SEPAmatic 1800 version, which can be combined with all known conveying techniques, is already equipped with all necessary control devices for fully automatic operation. The enormous axle diameter with overdimensioned bearings, the adjustable speed range of the drive complex which can be accessed within seconds, the massive upper structure with more than 3000 lbs mass are only a few reassuring details for users who demand more from a separating machine. A foolproof pressing system ensures simple setting of the machine. Both PU pressing belts, highly resistant to wear for tough use, and soft separating, low-priced neoprene pressing belts can be mounted.

  • Technical Data

  • Supply Voltage
  • 400 V
  • 50 Hz
  • Installed Load
  • 7 kW
  • Perforated Drum Speed
  • 20-46 Rpm
  • Product Conveying Capacity
  • 0.8-3 tonnes/h
  • Dimensions
  • Height approx. 4000mm
  • Width approx. 3500mm
  • Depth approx. 3000mm
  • Weight
  • 1800 kg


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