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Spiral Oven Unitherm

Available different widths and sizes to meet specific capacities.

Flame grill with bar marker UNITHERM - SOUS VIDE line

Flame grill with bar marker UNITHERM

Impingement hot air oven UNITHERM RapidFlow for browning and roasting

Unitherm's Linear RapidFlow Oven is perfect for rapid, unifoerm cooking or browning of any product - from whole birds, pies, quiches unitle deli products, the RapidFlow is a higly versatile with a temperature range up to 350º C. Flexibility : Baking, roasting, steaming or a combination Time, temperature, fan, humidity control Multiple independent zones Modular system Multiple recipe selection Profitability and Efficiency: Energy efficiency Minimal downtime Gas or electric versions Cleanability and Reliability: Inline belt wash C.I.P. system Sloping floor and drain Ethernet support AMI sanitary designed, CE approved

Rapid Smoking line UNITHERM

Main benefits that this line offers to its users are:

Fryer Deighton

Fryer Deighton

The most modern system of industrial peeling onions

The most modern system of industrial peeling onions, patented technology for several years, revolutionizing the traditional approach to peeling an onion.