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HOLAC VA 150G dicer

Large fully automatic dicer for frozen products



Compared to the VA 150 N, the VA 150 G is optimized to work with frozen products in loose or block form. The VA 150 G dicer is particularly popular for its reliability at low temperatures, but it also handles fresh products without compromising on quality. Either a hoist/ tilting device or product in feed conveyor belts can be used.


Product features:

›› Fully sealed product loading chamber with open drainages

›› Sidewall opening, can be adjusted to product size for loading

›› THC system

›› Speed-pack (adjustable blade speed)

›› Fully automatic lubrication system

›› Touch screen

›› Computer controlled and touch screen

›› Product window in blade chamber

›› Hopper tilt-support*

›› Two-part heavy-duty grid-system

›› Hardened shear edges and coarse serrated blades

›› Simple and safe grid fixing



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